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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

0 How to Fix Like or Share on Facebook Not Showing Post Description

Whenever I clicked on the Like or Share button,  the description of the article was not seen  and just showing an image with its title on my Facebook profile. This was a concern for me and many other fellow bloggers who are using blogger blogspot platform.

For most Blogger blogs, especially the ones built by Template  Designer, Facebook seems to pull something completely random. On some blogs it pulls texts from the comments, from blog description or from the sidebar, while on others it pulls nothing at all. 
But, now let's fix these problems.

Let's see an image below. Before and After.

Now there are three solutions to fix this problem. You can do one of the following to solve this issue.

Option 1: Adding Post Snippet Description

1. Go to Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML.
2. Back up your template.
3. Tick the  Expand Widget Templates check box on top right of the HTML window.
4. Look for the following line in your HTML code:

5. Add the code below right before that line:

1<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
2<b:if cond='data:post.snippet'>
3<meta expr:content='data:post.snippet' name='description'/>
6. Save Template

Option 2: Adding Paragraph <p> Tag

There are two ways to add paragraph tags. One is manually and other other is automatically which will be added to all your previous and upcoming posts.

1. Manually enclose the first paragraph of your post in the tag.  You need to do this every time you write a new post, using post editor’s HTML mode. To make the tag count, make sure you put at least 120 characters inside the tag:


2. Add the tag into your template.

  • Go to Blogger’s Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML tab and check “Expand Widget Template”.
  • Find <data:post.body/> and add the <p> tags as shown below:

3. Use Windows Live Writer to write your post. WLW will automatically attach a <p> tag to each paragraph as you write your post.

Option 3: 

If the two options above doesn't work, let's combine the two ways. Add Post Snippet Description and Manually enclose the first paragraph of your post in the tag.

According to Facebook, it scrapes your page every 24 hours to ensure the description (and other 

share data) are up to date. However, you can manually refresh it by entering the post URL into 
the Facebook URL Linter.

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