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Jumaat, Disember 21, 2012

0 Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Royal 2012

Windows XP SP3 Royal Home Edition x86 2012 ISO | 708 MB

Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Royal 2012 was built from the version of Windows XP Home Edition SP3 which Operating system support for all SATA drivers and you can use the copy of  this  Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Royal 2012  to downgrade to Windows Vista machines or Windows 7, it will not be problematic with SATA Driver, be aware that Internet Explorer had me upgrade to IE 8.0 and Windows Media Player is also a version 11.0. There are several components that are eliminated include:

  • accessbility Options
  • Briefcase
  • Clipbook
  •  Viewer
  • Charmap
  • Games
  • Internet Games
  • Pinball

  • Images and Background
  • Luna Desktop Theme
  • Music Samples

Operating System Options:

  • Tour 
  • The addition of Desktop Themes are: 
  • Apocalypce.theme 
  • Royale.theme 
  • RoyaleNoir.theme
  • Zune.Theme 
  • RoyaleNoir.theme

Additional Software

  • RocketDock 1.3.1

Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Royal default language English (United States) I have this also include Anti WGA (a tool to eliminate trial), and True Transparency TransBar located in the directory C: \