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Jumaat, Mac 29, 2013

0 How To Automatically Close Private Browsing Session In Firefox

Hello Friends if you are one of those persons who browse private surface in public settings, such as your office then there might be times when you would have to leave your desk while having the private browsing session open. In this article we will explain how to automatically close private browsing session in Firefox after a certain inactivity period.

How to Automatically Close Private Browsing Session In Firefox After A Certain Inactivity Period:
Firefox now has a new extension called PB Exit. PB Exit just closes your private browsing windows on Firefox automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity i.e. after 10 minutes have passed since the last page load or tab switch.

PB Exit is one of the simplest Firefox extensions. After you have it installed, it would just run in the background and will close private browsing tabs after 10 minutes of inactivity. Currently PB Exit does not have any settings, but the developer has made a note in the extension’s description that he may allow users the ability to set customer idle time in the future.

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